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Plays acoustic objects and amplified springs

In 1993, he was a co-founder of "Collectif Ishtar" (in Bourg-en-Bresse) together with 20 other musicians and dancers. A year later, he joined "Collectif et Compagnie" (in Annecy), where he first started working with electro-acoustic music.

Improvisation :

He plays improvised music with acoustic objects or amplified springs. He works on listening, sound research and relationship between sound and space.
He has played in several festivals, such as Musique Action (Vandoeuvre), Densités (Fresne-en-Woëvre), Rencontres de musiques Spontanées (Rimouski - Canada), NPAI (Niort), LEM (Barcelona), Glasgow International festival, Re:Flux (Moncton - Canada), Festival des Musiques Innovatrices (St Etienne), Jazz à Luz, Curva Minore (Palermo), Humanoise Congress (Wiesbaden), Sonorités (Montpellier), Musiques Libres (Besançon), Beta Project (Pau), Huis a/d Werf (Utrecht), Minim (Barcelona), Remor (Girona), Troubles (Brussels), Blurred Edges (Hamburg), Contemporaneamente (Lodi), Steirischer Herbst (Graz), Net::Image (Bologna), FRIV (Poznan), Sound Disobedience (Ljubljana)...
Plays often with N. Desmarchelier, M. Charbin, M. Vorfeld, M. Thieke, C. Heenan, J. Kocher, M. Forge, A. Palier...

Residencies / Creations :
2013/2014 : Residency in Parc Régional du Ballon des Vosges, with Nicolas Desmarchelier
2013 : "Der Tisch" - Sound installation sonore for the Kunstverein in Heidelberg
2013 : Residency "wild instruments" with X. Saïki in Lycée St Michel de Maurienne
2012 : "La Face Cachée des Boules" - Residency / Creation in Mably - invited by MICRO
2010 : Soundtrack for La Belle Indifférence, from Gaëlle Bourges (Rencontres Internationales de Seine-St Denis)
2010 : The Sonic Pinball Project, with Gaëtan Bulourde (BUDA Kortrijk)
2010 : Action de Presence - MICRO - Roanne
2009 : The Sound Metallurgy Trade Union, with A. Paquotte (PiedNu Festival - Le Havre)
2008 : Seismograph, with Y. Nakamura & N. Desmarchelier (NPAI festival - Niort)
2008 : Every Object Used To Nail Is Not A Hammer, with G. Bulourde (Huis a/d Werf festival - Utrecht, Troubles Festival - Brussels)
2008 : Empty Factory - solo performance (Maison de la Bellone - Brussels, Minim Festival - Barcelona, Remor Festival - Girona, Nexo Festival - Granada)
2007 : PANCH, with E. Borgo, L. Terrier, J. Jeanmart, H. Gudin (Musique Action festival - Vandoeuvre les  Nancy)

Radiophonic pieces :
2013 : Sonneur de Pierre (Atelier de Création Sonore Radiophonique de Bruxelles)
2013 : Teufelsberg (Deutschlandradio Kultur & Arteradio)
2012 : La Danse du Souffle (Arte Radio)
2010 : Salon Privé (Arte Radio)
2009 : Mosquito (Atelier de Création Sonore et Radiophonique - Brussels)
2008 : La Gare Engloutie, with C. Havard (Arte Radio)

Soundtracks for video art :
He has made around fifteen soundtracks for Muriel Toulemonde's video works, which have been exhibited in many contemporary art museums in the world (Museum of Modern Art - Paris, Guggenheim Museum - New York, Köln, Budapest, FIAC - Paris, Centre d'Art Contemporain de Brétigny / Orge...

2013 : Inframince (with Michael Thieke) - Anothertimbre Records
2012 : Sans titre - anonymous zone / Anothertimbre Records
2012 : Les Galets Creux (with Agnès Palier) - Compost & Height netlabel
2012 : Ensemble X (improvisation orchestra) - Toucan Records
2010 : Pie 'n' Mash, with Mathias Forge - Anothertimbre Records
2010 : 2009, collective project - Compost & Height
2010 : Sons de Saison - Phonography edited by Vu d'un Oeuf
2010 : Crickxstraat (with Agnès Palier) - FFHHH records
2009 : Le Terrier (with N. Desmarchelier & M. Doneda) - Monotype records
2006 : C'est pas aujourd'hui la veille - Khôkhôt records

2005 : Rocca (with A. Palier) - Creative Sources records
2004 : L'Inventaire (electro-acoustic music)
2003 : Revermont (with N. Desmarchelier & M. Doneda) - Ektic records
2000 : Bug (with N. Desmarchelier) -
Collectif Ishtar records
1999 : Eclats de Mémoire (electro-acoustic music) - MIA records
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