Acoustic objects


2 trestles, a table, some cooking whisks, a spring, 2 CB antennas, a saw, some bowls, 2 plates, marbles, styroform, a bow...

Michael Thieke (clarinet) / Olivier Toulemonde (acoustic objects) - excerpt, CD Inframince, Anothertimbre 2012

- Solo acoustic objects - excerpt München concert (Offene Ohren)

- Agnès Palier (voice) / Olivier Toulemonde (acoustic objects) - Les Galets Creux - Compost & Height 2012

- Le Dessous de l'Epaisseur - C. Darmedru, C. Heenan, J. Kocher, O. Toulemonde, M. Vorfeld - excerpt

- Mathias Forge (trombone) / Olivier Toulemonde (acoustic objects). CD Pie'n'Mash, Another Timbre 2010        excerpt        reviews

- Duo Michael Vorfeld (percussion) / Olivier Toulemonde (acoustic objectsexcerpt

- Jonas Kocher (accordion) / Olivier Toulemonde (acoustic objectsexcerpt

- Marjolaine Charbin (piano) / Olivier Toulemonde (acoustic objectsexcerpt    



Amplified springs


Empty Factory : installation / solo performance

Seismograph : dance/music/drawing performance

The Sound Metallurgy Union : noisy steel





Not every object used to nail is a hammer - performance with G. Bulourde



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