Some news from my garden

This installation was made in july 2011, at Courant d'Art Festival (Bourg-en-Bresse)

10 metallic pipes, planted in the earth at different heights, are put on with an elbow which gives them the aspect of a periscope. The listener is invited to roam inside this strange garden and listen to sounds which seem to come far from the ground, through these pipes which are bound with the basement. If a rumour floats over the whole garden, every pipe has its own voice, that can be listen closely by the listener, as if somebody whisper him into the ear.




The sounds evoke the earth, through sound garden visits. In every pipe is located a gardener, who shows us is garden - real or imaginary - and tells us how he uses to organize the space, to work with moon, to sow salad, to plant tomatoes and dig up potatoes... The garden connects us to the nature but at first it connects us to ourselve. Everyone organizes it and think about it in a very personal way. When the gardener speaks about his garden, the garden speaks about the gardener.


Hidden at the bottom of pipes, the speaker are invisible. The listener hears the sound as it would come from the depths of the earth and it seems to be directly adressed to him because of the direct connexion from the pipe to his ear. Everyone keep his garden secret!









© 2014 Olivier Toulemonde