The Tank

Sound and visual installation in landscape

Realisation : Edwine Fournier & Olivier Toulemonde

Production : Pronomade(s) en Haute-Garonne – july 2011


This installation is born from a 2 years residency in the village of Sauveterre-de-Comminges (France). The aims of this project consisted to explore the notion of landscape and to leave in it a trace of the work. From the begining of the project, the "tank" - a permanent agricultural used object - appears to take part of the landscape, which is mainly built by the agriculture. As an essential farming tool, the tank weave connexions between "human landscape" and "natural landscape".

The 7 cinematic boxes of the Tank, which can be found on the ways of the village, are the witnesses of the experience that Edwine Fournier and Olivier Toulemonde have shared during 2 years with the inhabitants.


These boxes are forming a collection of markers, which allow walkers, neighbours and tourists to find their way in landscape and help them to look at it in a different way.


Eachone hosts a sound sequence and a flip-book, which can be heard and seen when you turn a handle, like old cinematic machines.


Each movie tells us a story in landscape, a small choregraphy between a dancer and a tank. The sounds tells about the Tank story in landscape, according some inhabitant poetic points of view, like this young 9 years old farmer who want us to visit his farm, or this enthusiast tank-farmer who explain her job...

The cinematic boxes are all self-powered with a solar panel and can work all the time.

Sound excerpt : La Ferme de Paul

© 2014 Olivier Toulemonde