Teufelsberg - The Big Ear (27’06’’)

"We could hear Brejnev brushing his teeth" - Deutschlandradio Kultur / Arteradio 2013

The cold war was as well a wave war. In Berlin, on the devil mountain "Teufelsberg", the West listened to the east communications. Now, we're still listening the whisper of this spying station, which was built on the ruins of the nazism...

Recordings : may 2012
With : Christopher McLarren, US Army, Wolfgang Preusse, radioamator, Klaus Behling, historian, Charles Stankievech, artist
French/German voices : Pierre Clément, Christian Gaul, Leopold von Verschuer, Max Volker Martens
Mix : Arnaud Forest
Production : ARTE Radio, Deutschlandradio Kultur
Réalisation : Olivier Toulemonde

Original version (german / english) : http://www.arteradio.com/son/616164/teufelsberg__auf_deutsch__/

French version : http://www.arteradio.com/son/616163/teufelsberg__la_grande_oreille_/


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